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 Crazy (co-written by Doremus and his frequent companion, Ben York Jones) and the structure of his story are likely to lose some viewers. The film explores a specific moment in a long and winding relationship; The jump between scenes can be a bit confusing, even if Doremus tries to smoothly transition to the viewer using technical tricks like editing or time-lapse recording. Nevertheless, there are several points in the film where an intimate or emotionally intense scene paves the way for the characters to a new time and entirely new circumstances, and Doremus and Jones are not always able to retain the narrative or thematic outline they want. to be followed. These breaks are especially noticeable in the storylines supporting the characters of Samantha (Jennifer Lawrence) and Simon (Charlie Bewley) - two people Jacob and Anna are embroiled in as they struggle with their relationship. Sam and Simon's upcoming and eye-catching moments point to drastic changes that the viewer must acc
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 and a scenes. When they realize they have the same aspirations to be bigger in Hollywood, they both quickly become friends and move together to Tommy's Los Angeles apartment. There they are freed from the industry trap, they lose in auditions for years and never leave the role. Tommy dismisses his view that he must be bad (if he's an All-American hero), and Tommy thinks he'll quit his acting career. But when Greg skillfully notices that the duo need to make their own film, the idea goes to Tommy and quickly turns the script for Peace off. After Tommy funded the project with his wealth of unknown origins, Sestero and Wiseau recruit actors and crews to make their dreams a reality. However, it soon becomes clear that Tommy is overlooking his elements, making mind-blowing creative decisions that could derail his film and change it completely differently. The real Tommy Wiseau is as eccentric and indifferent as if a movie character came to life, so the risk similar to the Artis

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 Angel hires young Kevin (Jacob Batalon) as his trusted team "Sancho", but not everyone in town is happy with the couple's various exploits. From Earth to Echo, in the small town of Nevada, we meet three young friends who are suffering eviction from their community to make way for a new highway. Not ready to make ends meet, young video blogger Tuck (Brian "Astro" Bradley) convinces his foster child's best friend Alex (Teo Halm) and tech geek buddy Munch (Reese Hartwig) to the last. . Goonies-style shot of saving the city. Their chances are causing a mysterious confusion on their cell phone - this confusion will soon be recognized as a map. With nothing to lose and a possible discovery that could save their city, the boys ride their bike into the desert to find what's hiding at the end of the mysterious map. What the discovery - and what it ultimately leads to - will change their lives forever - regardless of the outcome of that one cardinal night. Wpisy